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As 2016 is at the end of quarter 3, we are glad to send you our 5th newsletter this year.

Besides the usual agenda and the item about our upcoming vibration courses, there are several announcements of new products and product specifications and a highlight on the AutoPoint DT of Diagnosys.

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Sep 28-29, 2016

Sensors & Instrumentation
The following suppliers of ours will present their products:
- Transmille in booth D13, hall 3

NEC, Birmingham (UK)

Oct 4-7, 2016

World of Technology and Science

Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (NL)

Oct 11-12, 2016

Two day course:
Introduction to vibration

Breda (NL)

Oct 13, 2016

Fixtures, Software and Specifications for Vibration

Breda (NL)

Nov 8-11, 2016

Electronica 2016
The following suppliers of ours will present their products:
- AIM-TTi in booth A1.425
- PMK in booth A1.674

Messe, München (DE)

Feb/Mar 2017

about calibration (in co-operation with Transmille)

Breda (NL)

June 20-22, 2017

Automotive Testing Expo Europe

Messe, Stuttgart (DE)

Courses ‘Introduction to Vibration’ and ‘Fixtures, Software and Specification’

On October 11 and 12, 2016 we will organize again the famous two-days course ‘Introduction to Vibration’ and it will take place in Breda (NL). This course aims to give more insight knowledge to the attendees in:
- testing with a shaker system
- dealing with several kind of tests
- reading the theoretical test and the implementation of the test
- designing a fixture

Here you can find the contents of this course.

A second course ‘Fixtures, Software and Specifications’ will be organized on October 13 for those who are interested in aspects of vibration technology which lays beyond the introduction course. This day is intended to be an interactive course, where you can discuss problems related to vibration technology with the host(s) and your co-participants. You can even bring your own fixture(s), if you have questions about it and want to discuss it.


If you or one or more of your colleagues are interested in one or both courses, please inform us by clicking on the Mail button below.


Data Translation devices can measure with 1.2 µV resolution


Data Translation has the broadest range of measurement devices with 24-bit A/D converters for any application. 24-bit power drives DAQ for smallest voltage differences and high dynamic ranges.
But it also has strong advantages for all standard applications:

·         Input range does not matter - 1.2 µV resolution without switching ranges

·         Built-in amplification (256-fold compared to 16-bit), eliminates external or internal signal conditioning

·         Delta-Sigma A/D converters with inherent alias-filtering

·         2 to 48 input channels

·         Up to 216 kHz sampling rate per channel

·         Many USB devices with direct sensor connect



Kvaser: New PCIEcan card has now 4 HS CAN slots


The Kvaser PCIEcan 4xHS (00683-6) is a CAN card that adds four high speed CAN channels to any standard computer board with PCI Express capability. With silent mode, error frame detection/ generation and an on-board buffer, this is ideal for embedded data acquisition and is CAN FD compliant.



Monarch Instrument introduces the Nova-Pro stroboscope/tachometer

Nova-Pro is a series of powerful portable visual inspection and speed measurement tools.  We have combined all the features of our hand held LED stroboscopes together with a full function laser tachometer to create a compact, ergonomic and extremely powerful two in one predictive maintenance tool.  The stroboscope light source is made up of twelve LED’s which are extraordinarily bright yet extremely efficient allowing cool continuous operation and extremely long battery life (up to 19 hours on a single charge). Continuous operation is also possible with the optional AC adapter.

Nova-Pro 100:  Designed for simple stroboscopic stop motion inspection and RPM measurement applications. The integral laser module is an optional item that can be added to make the 100 a full featured tachometer.

Nova-Pro 300: Has all the features of the 100. It includes the integral laser module for tachometer mode or strobe trigger mode and adds a high contrast inverse blue LCD display with back light and touch sensitive number pad for setting flash rates quickly, ultra-high intensity LED’s for even more light output, memory for up to 10 pre-set flash rates, input and output jacks for external sensors or pulse repeater output and NIST calibration certificate.

Nova-Pro 500: Has all the features of the 300 and adds an additional standard battery pack, remote laser docking station, phase delay, time delay and virtual slow motion.


Aim-TTi introduces a 5.5 Digit Dual Measurement Digital Multimeter

Aim-TTi are very pleased to be able to now release the new Aim-TTi bench DMM. Following on from the 1705 Dual display DMM and also replacing our previous 1906 5.5 Digit DMM. The 1908 combines the 5.5 Digit performance with the Dual Measurement and battery operation of the 1705. We now include a USB interface as standard that can be used in the battery mode. The P version adds RS232, Lan/LXi and GPIB interfaces for system users.


Key Features

·         Dual display and dual measurement capability

·         Internal rechargeable batteries for true portability

·         High accuracy and resolution: 0.02%, 1μV, 0.1μA, 1mW

·         Frequency, capacitance and temperature measurements

·         Wide range of math’s and data logging functions

·         2 or 4 terminal ohms measurement

·         Wide true RMS AC; AC + DC measurements

·         Software for remote control and logging included

·         USB, RS232*, GPIB* and LAN* (LXI) interfaces


Kvaser: CanKing adds CAN FD capability

Kvaser’s free CAN bus monitor and general-purpose diagnostic tool for Windows, has been updated to cater for CAN FD.
If you have a CAN FD-capable device, simply select the CAN FD option in the bus parameters window, or choose to run the software in classic CAN mode. A new, larger output window, plus the addition of compact hex formatting, will allow users to visualize the 64 bytes of CAN FD data more clearly.

CanKing users can perform all of the usual functions with CAN FD, including sending and receiving messages, filtering, generating error frames and using virtual CAN channels. The only difference is that instead of automatically selecting a predefined sample rate as per Classic CAN, CAN FD often requires users to calculate their own bus timing parameters.
With that in mind, Kvaser has created a Bit Timing Calculator for CAN FD (beta version) to determine the optimum bit rate and sample point.


High light on Diagnosys’ AutoPoint DT

The AutoPoint DT system is a benchtop flying probe system, sometimes called a roving probe, used for automatic probing of an electronic PCB or CCA. Tasks that were previously accomplished with time-consuming manual methods can now be automated.

The AutoPoint DT provides affordable automated testing of PCBs including complex, densely packed surface mount and through-hole boards. The precision robotic movement lets you probe points on latest technology ICs, such as PLCC, SOIC, PGA, SSOP, TSOP, QFP and others, without the need for expensive test fixturing or test programming. The AutoPoint DT is a stand-alone fault finding system that can also be integrated with the PinPoint range of test systems to automate probing of circuits. Using a single probe for access to difficult board topography, the system is fast to program and quick to analyze a network. It can be applied to almost any circuit, removing the physical restraints of test fixtures and enabling error-free probing of analog components such as resistors and diodes for an accurate and reliable diagnosis of fault causes.

This PCB fault finding system uses an Analog Signature Analysis technique, also known as VI or impedance signatures, to learn and store the network characteristics of a good board. It has multiple signatures for a single device allowing for variations due to different manufacturer, and a single probe head for ease of programming with a color camera for location and visual inspection.

Key features of the AutoPoint DT include a power-off test technique that requires no knowledge of the circuit, automatic and rapid identification of faulty networks, with the ability to import the “Pick & Place” data of a circuit for speed of programming.


AMOtronics introduces the Saturn Sequence Timer

The SATURN Sequencer, also called "Timer", serves test labs as the central control unit. It provides safe, flexible and precisely timed control of switches, contactors, relays, IGBTs, MOSFETs and other devices. The SATURN Sequencer (Timer) is available in different versions offering up to 192 digital inputs/outputs. These inputs and outputs can be provided in groups of 8 either as BNC or fiber optic connectors. The fiber-optic solution provides perfect optical isolation against high voltage potentials. This makes it the ideal HV Sequencer in high voltage test labs for controlling the test facility as well as the units under test (UUTs). In addition the optical transmission also allows bridging of long distances, be it in a test lab or in the field.


·         Modular hardware platform

·         8..192 channels

·         Internal real-time 10ns clock source

·         Synchronization to generator frequency for rotating applications

·         Electrical or fiber-optic channels

·         Safe operation via configurable Qualifier Inputs and Security Loop

·         Optional high power output modules: RELAY, MOSFET or IGBT

·         Easy-to-use Cycle Timer software

·         Flexible programming interface

·         Optional Remote Control



The Sequence Timer family is a scalable real-time test control system. It allows precise and reliable control of test facilities and units under test. The NEW Cycle Timer and Pattern Generator Software offer both, easy-to-use graphical configuration and, if needed, flexible individual programming. Electrical testing laboratories at any voltage level benefit from the precise timing and fail-save design. A selection of high power output modules with RELAY, MOSFET or IGBT switches support a wide range of typical requirements.
The SATURN Sequencer also provides a secure error handling. The Emergency Stop allows the operator to instantaneously stop the current sequence at any time and initiate a pre-defined sequence with fail-safe output patterns. In addition the emergency stop can also be initiated automatically based on events detected within the input signals. In the unlikely case of a major malfunction in the operating system the independent Sequencer processor unit continues with pattern output and completes the configured actions. Optionally the Sequencer can be equipped with an uninterruptible power supply. These preventive measures help avoiding possible costly damages to the test facility or device under test in case of failures.


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