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This is the third ABtronix newsletter this year.

Apart from introducing several new products, we are happy to inform that Transmille offers trade-in possibilities for your old test, measurement and calibration equipment. Proudly we are to have become the sales representation of Intepro test solutions.
In addition, we are planning vibration courses in week 41 and later this year a seminar about calibration in co-operation with Transmille.
This time highlights on the Transmille’s state-of-the-art 8.5 digit multimeter and multiproduct calibrator.

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May 31- June 2, 2016

Automotive Testing Expo
Our following suppliers will be present:
CSM (booth 1728)
Data Physics (booth 1754)
PCB (booth 1131)
Stiegele (booth 1744)

Messe, Stuttgart (DE)

July 4, 2016

Messtechnik im Bewegung
Our following suppliers will be present:

Flugplatz, Rothenburg o/d Tauber (DE)

Sep 19-21, 2016

ISMA Noise and Vibration Engineering Conference 2016
in conjunction with
'Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics 2016

University, Leuven (BE)

Oct 4-7, 2016

World of Technology and Science

Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (NL)

Oct 11-12, 2016

Two day course:
Introduction to vibration

Breda (NL)

Oct 13, 2016

Fixtures, Software and Specifications for Vibration

Breda (NL)

Nov 8-11, 2016

Electronica 2016

Messe, München (DE)

Oct/Nov 2016

about calibration (in co-operation with Transmille)

Breda (NL)

Data Translation: Multifunction Software DASYlab

DASYLab is designed for data logging tasks created with few mouse clicks. Even more complex applications in measurement and control tasks are solved with DASYLab quickly and without external programming. Function blocks are placed on the worksheet and linked with each other by connection lines. They represent inputs or outputs, operation modules or display instruments. Connection lines represent the signal flux. All functions can be customized intuitively via configuration dialogs to the respective element.

DASYLab integrates the complete features of Data Translation‘s USB and PCI measurement devices in your Data Acquisition, Analysis, Test and Control applications. You are able to create custom DAQ applications in minimal time without programming.



·         Build your custom applications using a graphical tool box.

·         Use various real-time displays (charts, meters, graphs, ..).

·         Supports all I/O functions of Data Translation’s measurement devices like analog input and output, digital I/O, tachometer, quadrature decoder, and counter/timer.

·         Acquire measurement data continuously at highest sampling rates.

·         28-days evaluation license for free.


Transmille: offers up to 30% trade-in discount


Transmille offers you the possibility to trade in your old equipment and receive up to 30% discounts on new units. All manufacturers (Transmille, Fluke, Agilent/Keysight, Datron, Solartron) are considered and equipment does not need to be in working condition to receive up to a 30% discount on new equipment. To receive a trade in value for your equipment, please contact us by clicking on the Mail button and ask for the possibilities.


* Note: Offer valid only through authorized distributors during spring time and Transmille reserve the right to not offer trade in values against equipment in non-working or damaged condition.



Kvaser: PCI Express to CAN / CAN FD interfaces are highly compact


Kvaser is pleased to release the PCIEcan v2, which is a highly integrated, high speed CAN network card that adds two high speed CAN channels to any standard computer board with PCI Express capability. At 86 x 69 mm, this has a smaller form factor and lower profile than the Kvaser PCIEcan 2xHS.

Offering silent mode, error frame detection/generation and an on­board buffer, this add-on board fits many embedded data acquisition systems and is CAN FD compliant.


ABtronix has become sales representative of Intepro Systems.

Since 1981, Intepro has supplied Automated Test systems to manufacturers all over the world to test power electronics used in a wide range of applications. Our knowledge and expertise in moving and measuring power makes our systems unparalleled for characterization of power components, environmental stress screening, production test and repair across all industries. At Intepro Systems our mission is to provide innovative power test instruments and systems that solve our customers’ unique power testing challenges. We utilize our expertise in high energy and analog environments to create affordable solutions for aerospace, renewable energy, military and OEM power industries.

Intepro offers turn-key power test system design and integration services across a broad range of industries. We develop quality test systems to fit your requirements. Our systems are an open architecture for hardware and software that permits complete flexibility to configure and integrate off the shelf instrumentation with a wide range of Intepro and customer hardware.
Our systems are based on universal buses (VXI, PXI, LXI, CAN, Ethernet, GPIB, and Serial) that provides choice to the customer and not limited to one brand of equipment. We provide our own solutions for AC/DC sources and loads along with commercially available equipment that meets your test requirements.

Tying it all together is our PowerStar Test Executive software, a leading test executive for power electronics testing for over 20 years. PowerStar allows for quick test programming using drag and drop, fill-in-the blank canned routines and the flexibility when using off the shelf test executives. Intepro Systems offers a wide selection of programmable electronic sources and loads. Our products are designed for ultimate flexibility and configuration in providing the ideal load solution for testing power converters, inverters, chargers, batteries, adapters, and power electronic components.

Applications are to be found in Aerospace, Automotive, Military, Green Energy, Telecommunications, Power Components, Power Supplies and many others.


AIM-TTi introduces the TGP3100 Series of Pulse and Universal Generators

The TGP3100 Series are true pulse generators using all digital techniques. They can replicate the capabilities of traditional pulse generators whilst adding many additional facilities such as puls modulations. Unlike DDS based function generators the TGP3100 Series can generate pulses with very high resolution of width and delay (100ps), and can operate in an asynchronously triggered mode with low jitter. A high drive capability output stage enables up to 20 volts pk-pk to be driven into a 50 Ohm load.

As well as operating as pulse generators, the instruments can act as high performance noise generators and as function/arbitrary generators - making them truly universal waveform generators. Single and dual channel models are available with a maximum frequency of either 50MHz or 25MHz


Key Features

·         Pulse waveforms from 1mHzto 50MHz [25MHz], minimum rise time 5ns [8ns]

·         Pulse, double pulse, pulse pattern and PRBS waveforms

·         Pulse period, width and delay resolutions of 100ps or 11 digits

·         Independently variable rise and fall times from 5ns [8ns] to 800 seconds

·         Low jitter asynchronous operation, externally triggered pulses or pulse reconstruction

·         High drive capability output can provide 20V pk-pk into 50(unmatched)

·         Wide range of pulse modulations including AM.FM, PM, FSK, BPSK, SUM, PWM, PDM using internal or external modulation sources.

·         Triggered (burst count) or gated operation using internal or external trigger sources

·         Full Noise generator to 25MHz with selectable crest factor and user defined distribution

·         Full Arbitrary/Function generator with 16 waveform types

·         Sine waves up to 50MHz [25MHz]

·         Arbitrary waveforms at 800MS/s sampling rate and 16-bit vertical resolution

·         Extensive internal/external modulation of all waveform types

·         Linear and logarithmic sweeps of all waveform types

·         Front panel mounted USB Flash drive interface

·         GPIB, USB and LXI compliant LAN interfaces



CSM extends measurement capabilities in high-voltage environments

Measurement on high-voltage components with certified safety – in test drives and in test benches: CSM high-voltage measurement systems are specifically designed for the safe and accurate acquisition of temperatures (Type K, PT100, and PT1000) and analog signals in HV environments, especially in electric and hybrid vehicles. Measurement systems from CSM enable HV-safe measurement chains from the sensor to data acquisition. They ensure fast installation as well as precise and reliable measurement results over the entire operating temperature range.

Measured values

·     AD-measurement modules for the acquisition of analog signals (voltage, humidity, pressure, etc.)

·     Temperature measurement modules with NiCr-Ni-temperature inputs (Type K)

·     PT-measurement modules for accurate temperature measurements with PT100 and PT1000 sensors


Key features of high voltage safe measurement systems

·     Certified high-voltage safety for the entire measurement system consisting of CSM's measurement modules and specifically designed multi-channel cables

·     Reinforced insulation up to 846 V

·     Routine test including testing certificate

·     High measurement accuracy even under extreme temperature and environmental conditions

CSM HV-measurement systems offer certified safety in accordance with DIN EN 61010
By using CSM measurement systems, high voltage safe measurement chains can be set up, from the point of measurement to the data acquisition. Each component is subjected to a routine test prior to shipment. The double-insulated multi-channel cables from SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co. KG also play an important role in the system. These cables are pre-assembled with fully insulated plastic connectors. With each multi-channel cable up to four points of measurement can be safely connected to a measurement module. This reduces time and costs for cabling. In addition, the double insulation increases the protection against damage caused by chafing. The inner insulating layer is coloured blue, so that damaged cables can be detected before a hazard to the user arises.


Transmille: highlight on 8000 Series Multimeter and 4000 Series Multi-Product calibrator

The 8000 series Digital Multimeter provides outstanding accuracy and linearity measurement performance together with ease of use.

The choice of components is critical in the design, the 8000 series using precision foil resistors, with temperature coefficients less

than 1ppm°C and the latest in analogue chopper stabilised op-amps and low leakage switches.

A temperature stabilised zener reference chip provides 1ppm stability/year. PCB design at this level is critical, and every effect

from thermal EMF’s to leakage must be eliminated, if 8.5 digit performance is to be achieved. To give stable readings in noisy environments the 8000 Series measurement cycle is phase-locked to the mains (line) power.

To complement the analogue design the 8000 series multimeter digital design is also state of the art. The 8000 series is a multiprocessor design, making full use of today's low cost digital processing power. Low-level processors handle the measurement

ranging and A to D control etc., while a single chip 64 bit high performance processor handles data management. Circuitry, which would have just a few years ago taken up complete circuit boards, is now available on a single chip, improving reliability, reducing

power and also cost, whilst at the same time improving performance.


The 4000 series Multiproduct calibrator offers the most advanced and up to date means of calibration of a wide variety of electrical measuring instruments. The 4000 series advanced multi product calibrator provides a fully functional, precision programmable calibration source. The 4000 series integrates powerful calibration capabilities using built-in software. This system provides total functionality including procedure management, calibration record keeping and built-in PCL printer connectivity for direct printout of reports.  The 4010 advanced multi product calibrator has a basic DC accuracy of 8ppm.  Designed to provide an accurate cost effective instrument for the calibration of multimeters, clamp meters, frequency meters, temperature meters, and capacitance meters. Internal options allow the calibration of power meters, oscilloscopes up to 6.4GHz, inductance and LCR meters.

Designed for use in the laboratory or portable onsite calibration, the 4000 series calibrator is suitable for use in a standards laboratory. The 4000 series boasts a fast warm up time combined with direct connection to a PC/laptop (via a USB interface) allowing for a fast return on investment and premium accuracy. Several internal retrofit options including oscilloscope, power, inductance and PRT allow the user to select the most cost effective solution for the calibration work with the ability to add extra functions at a later date. External options for the calibration of clamp meters, high accuracy thermocouple simulation with auto CJC (cold junction compensation) built into the TC (thermocouple) connector, optical tachometers, torque drivers etc. are also available via the front panel adapter interface. 



Courses ‘Introduction to Vibration’ and ‘Fixtures, Software and Specification’

On October 11 and 12, 2016 we will organize again the famous two-days course ‘Introduction to Vibration’ and it will take place in Breda (NL). This course aims to give more insight knowledge to the attendees in:
- testing with a shaker system
- dealing with several kind of tests
- reading the theoretical test and the implementation of the test
- designing a fixture

Here you can find the contents of this course.

A second course ‘Fixtures, Software and Specifications’ will be organised on October 13 for those who are interested in aspects of vibration technology which lays beyond the introduction course. This day is intended to be an interactive course, where you can discuss problems related to vibration technology with the host(s) and your co-participants. You can even bring your own fixture(s), if you have questions about it and want to discuss it.

If you or one or more of your colleagues are interested in one or both courses, please inform us by clicking on the Mail button below.


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