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Feb 17,
19:00 CET

FREE Data Physics webinar:
Continued Introduction to the New Data Physics 900 Series Dynamic Signal Analyzer


Mar 8-9,

MessTec & Sensor Masters
Our following suppliers will be present:

SI-Zentrum, Stuttgart (DE)

Mar 15,
19:00 CET

FREE Data Physics webinar:
DSP FFT Analyzer Topic


May 10-12,

Sensor & Test
Our following suppliers will be present:
(to be announced)

Messe, Nürnberg (DE)

May 31- June 2,

Automotive Testing Expo
Our following suppliers will be present:
CSM (booth 1728)
Data Physics (booth 1754)
PCB (booth 1131)
Stiegele (booth 1744)

Messe, Stuttgart (DE)

July 4,

Messtechnik im Bewegung
Our following suppliers will be present:

Flugplatz, Rothenburg o/d Tauber (DE)

Sep 19-21,

ISMA Noise and Vibration Engineering Conference 2016
in conjunction with
'Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics 2016

University, Leuven (BE)

Oct 4-7,

World of Technology and Science

Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (NL)

Nov 8-11,

Electronica 2016
Our following suppliers will be present:

Messe, München

Wayne Kerr: Highlighting the 3261A Telecom Unit

3261A Telecom Unit forms the core of a comprehensive component test system. It is configured in conjunction with the Wayne Kerr 3260B Precision Magnetics Analyzer to carry out a wide variety of telecom-related measurements. Telecoms Fixture model 1008 further enhances the test capability by providing an interface to connect units under test such as transformers. Automatic production testing of telecom transformers is available with the 3261A. Transformers are characterized at the press of a button. Providing unrivalled Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) performance this optional function displays the second, third, fourth and fifth harmonic as well as THD.

Measurements as low as -110 dB can be carried out; the user can set a large number of preset fundamental frequencies from 150 Hz to 200 kHz. This optional function provides longitudinal balance and transverse balance measurements in line with IEEE 455, ITU recommendation O.9 (O.121) and FCC 68.310 over the frequency range 200 Hz to 3 MHz. Measurement capability is high, longitudinal balance accuracy is ±1 dB over 80 dB, ensuring that devices can be measured with confidence. The longitudinal and transverse balance of any component can be completely characterized graphically across the full frequency band enabling component performance to be analyzed in more detail.


Kvaser: New USB to CAN/CAN FD interfaces


Kvaser has just upgraded its USB offerings with four new interfaces. Features include high grade performance, more channels, CAN FD compatibility, and, of course, the sleek ergonomic design that Kvaser is known for.
Using custom software integrations? No problem. Our Universal API ensures you can upgrade to a new product while keeping your existing software tool chain intact. Upgrading from an older Leaf or USBcan interface? Use our
Migration Guide to quickly find your new interface.



Data Translation: Driver (64 bit) for DIAdem Measurement Tool

Good news for all DIAdem users. A new device driver, supporting the latest 32- and 64-bit versions of this measurement and analysis application is available for immediate download. From now on an extended range of Data Translation’s USB measurement devices will benefit from the enhanced DIAdem 2015. Beside all of its multifunction measurement devices Data Translation’s new driver now enables DIAdem to the broad range of USB modules for simultaneous data acquisition and for direct sensor connect like:

·         DT9828: Precise temperature measurements for thermocouples

·         DT9837: Mobile 4-channel vibration measurement with 24-bit resolution

·         DT9857E: 8 to 256 channels for sound & vibration data acquisition


  • Free Download
  • 32-Bit and 64-Bit Single Point Processing Driver
  • Support for analog input and output operations with up to 24-bit and 32-bit resolution respectively
  • Acquire data from USB devices with direct sensor connect like DT9828, DT9837 series, and DT9857E
  • 32-Bit Packet Processing Driver available
  • DataPlugin available for importing Data Translation DCF and HPF formatted files
  • Latest DT Open Layers instructions and devices may not be supported by the legacy driver


Team Corporation: Package Vibration Test System LCS-48

Team servo hydraulic vibration test systems offer versatile and cost effective testing solutions for the transportation and packaging industry. To meet the transportation and packaging tests identified in the ASTM, ISTA and IEC specifications Team can offer either the LCS-48 Package Test System or custom designed solutions.
The LCS-48 is a compact, self-contained unit with a 1.2m (48”) square vibration table. The system is exceptionally quiet and does not require any additional utilities such as water for cooling or external hydraulic supplies. The integral hydraulic supply is an efficient, air-cooled, variable volume hydraulic pump that allows the electric motor to work in exact proportion to the system needs, thereby reducing electrical consumption.


• Totally Self Contained Unit

• Air Cooled – Hydraulic Pump/Motor, no water required

• Quiet – 72 dB at 6 feet (2 meters)

• Compact – 48” X 72” (1.2m x 1.8 m) footprint

• Large Table Working Area 48” x 48” (1.2 m x 1.2m)

• High Performance – 2” (50mm) stroke and up to 200Hz frequency range

• Sine & Random Testing

• ASTM, ISTA and IEC Capability


Transmille: Highlight on the 3200 Series Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator

The industry established 3200 Series provides by far the fastest solution for the calibration of Loop & RCD Testers, PATs and Insulation Testers, and also one of the safest solutions for calibrating Hi-Pot/Breakdown testers. Traditional testing practices required many items of test equipment and potential exposure to hazardous voltages with a typical multi-function tester taking up to 45 minutes to calibrate. Using the 3200 Series,  calibration can be dramatically reduced to typically 15 minutes enabling safe, cost effective calibration to be put into practice offering fast return on investment.

Dedicated mains sockets for Loop, RCD & PATs on the 3200 front panel avoids the need to make connection of mains voltages/power using 4mm type test leads. This important safety feature eliminates any risk of shock to the engineer as connections are made with standard mains type plugs.


Function summary:

·         Continuity Resistance Source

·         Continuity Current Measurement

·         Insulation Resistance Source

·         Insulation Test Voltage Measurement

·         Ac Voltage Output

·         Rcd Test Time Measurement

·         Rcd Test Current Measurement

·         Rcd Test Duration Measurement

·         Loop Resistance Source

·         Pat Earth Bond Resistance

·         Pat Earth Bond Current

·         Pat Insulation Resistance

·         Pat Leakage

·         Pat Leakage Test Voltage

·         Pat Load Testing

·         Pat Flash Voltage Testing

·         Pat Flash Current Testing

·         Line Voltage Measurement


The 3200 combines all the necessary functions to provide comprehensive portable appliance tester calibration. Before the availability of a combined electrical test calibrator, techniques for calibrating PATs involved many separate items of test equipment including high current meters to 30A, high voltage measurement capabilities for flash test functions and high resistance boxes with potentially lethal voltages present. The 3200 packages all these elements into a single box solution including high / low resistances, current measurement to 30A and flash test voltage and current measurement. These measurement functions use dedicated terminal connections on the front panel of the 3200, providing safe and convenient operation by the user.


Data Translation: new product DT7816

DT7816 - 8-Channel Simultaneous Measurement Module with Embedded Cortex-A8 ARM


The DT7816 is a high performance, System on Module (SOM) for data acquisition, featuring an embedded Cortex-A8 1 GHz ARM processor. For use in embedded data acquisition and control applications, this real-time module is an open-source Linux platform with extensive examples using TI’s SDK Essentials package.
Offering outstanding accuracy at a high throughput rate, the DT87816 provides 8 parallel, 16-bit, 400kHz A/D converters plus two 16-bit, parallel, 400kHz DAC outputs. Additionally, it provides a tachometer input, and 16 general-purpose I/O signals that provide up to 16 DIO, one 32-bit C/T, and one Measure/Counter.

Key Features

·         High performance, simultaneous data acquisition module with embedded ARM

·         8 simultaneous analog input channels, 16-bit resolution, up to 400KHz /ch, ±10V input range

·         2, 16-bit, high performance, stimulus waveform analog outputs, up to 400kHz/ch, ±10V output Range

·         16 GPIO Signals that provide Digital I/O, Counter/Timer, Measure Counter, External Digital (TTL) Triggers, and External Clocks

·         One tachometer input

·         TI AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 MPU with 2GB onboard NAND Flash memory

·         Open source Linux computing platform using the TI AM335x SDK Essentials Version 7.0

·         Micro SD-Card interface for measurement results and raw data

·         USB-host port for additional SSD hard disk, Wireless LAN, or GSM communication stick

·         RS232 (3.3V) serial interface to communicate with PLC

·         Ethernet and USB client for host communication

·         Numerous example programs included to get users up and running quickly



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