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This is the 6th and last newsletter this year you are about to read.

We have had a rather busy time lately, organising two vibration courses, the seminar Turbomachinery Vibration Analysis and the

PLOT Show Case, which the attendees have appreciated very much. It is nice looking back to these events.

Now, new plans are being made for new seminars and/or courses in 2016. We hope you can also attend or again.

In this edition mostly new products are announced, hopefully interesting for you to read. Enjoy reading.


On behalf of the ABtronix team I wish you and your family Happy Season’s Holidays and all the best for 2016.



Jos Luijten,

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Dec 9, 2015

Free Webinar Data Physics:
900 Series Dynamic Signal Analyzer Demonstration


March 8-9, 2016

MessTec & Sensor Masters

SI-Zentrum, Stuttgart (DE)

March 15, 2016

Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition

Silverstone Race Track, UK

May 10-12, 2016

Sensor & Test

Messe, Nürnberg (DE)

May 31 – June 2, 2016

Automotive Testing Expo Europe

Stuttgart, Germany

Sep 19-21, 2016

'ISMA Noise and Vibration Engineering Conference 2016'
in conjunction with
 'Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics 2016'

University, Leuven (BE)

Oct 4-7, 2016

World of Technology and Science

Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (NL)


Monarch Instrument: New product announcement

The Track-It™ Pressure/Temperature and Vacuum/Temperature Data Loggers with Display are battery powered stand alone water tight compact data loggers that record up to 130,000 samples. They can be configured to record both Pressure or Vacuum and Temperature or either parameter alone to maximize data storage space. Real time data, alarms and min/max information can be displayed on the multi-line LCD. The unit is easily configured using the free downloadable Track-It™ Software. Simply connect the included USB cable to the logger and an open USB port on your PC and the Track-It™ Software automatically identifies the logger. Configure the unit to start or stop recording immediately, at a predetermined time and date, or only when an alarm condition is sensed. The sample storage rate can be set from 1 sample every 2 seconds up to 1 sample every 24 hours. The on board data storage is non-volatile so data will not be lost in the event of a depleted battery.


·         Display live and min/max readings

·         Alarm set-points and indicators

·         User definable engineering units

·         USB interface (cable included!)

·         Interactive software (free download!)

·         Rugged IP67 package

·         3 year battery life (battery included!)

·         Temperature range –4 to 185°F (-20 to 85°C )


·         35, 150, 350, 550, 2000, 5800 PSI ranges

·         760 to 380 and 760 to 0 torr

·         150% over range protection

·         ¼” NPT male connection

·         High accuracy and repeatability

·         Accurate internal clock (1 minute/year)

·         N.I.S.T. calibration available

·         Rotate head AND display 359 degrees



Diagnosys introduces the new DELTA Test Adaptor

When testing a semiconductor device or IC out-of-circuit it is necessary to use an adaptor of some kind to provide the physical support and electrical connections required. The DeLTA (Device Level Test Adaptor) has been designed to provide a robust and affordable physical connection to a DUT (Device Under Test) and importantly provides an easy-to-use operator interface. With a clear indication of a pass / fail result for a device and automatic checking of the test program and DUT board compatibility, an Operator can quickly learn to test devices without any special skills. Used with a PinPoint system, the DeLTA provides an affordable solution for risk mitigation of semiconductor IC and devices being able to check both current and legacy stock using functional test patterns derived from a data sheet. DeLTA really is the difference providing an affordable and an easy to use out-of-circuit test adaptor for devices and ICs

A simple and easy-to-use interface to the tester which also contains automatic routing of test resources and power supplies to the correct device pins. A cost effective solution to accommodate the different DUT (Device Under Test) boards which provide the physical connection to the various package types being tested.  Unique ID codes on each DUT board which can automatically select the correct test program and configure the power and signal routing for the device being tested. Individual DUT boards have the appropriate socket and are assigned a unique ID code for the type(s) of device they are used to test. These complete DUT boards can be provided as a service or the physical design information of the bare board is available so that you can manufacture and assemble your own DUT board from a kit of parts. Easily installed and removed from the Adaptor box, the DUT boards are a cost effective solution for testing a diverse range of device packages types.


Kvaser comes with the new 5 Channel HS USBcan Pro Interface

Kvaser's new five channel high-speed controller area network (CAN) to USB interface allows users to monitor data from multiple CAN / CAN FD channels using just one device, with high time stamp precision. The Kvaser USBcan Pro 5xHS has a 26 pin HD DSUB that connects to a splitter with five 9 pin DSUBs, and one USB connector that easily links to any USB port on a host computer.

This interface can run user-developed scripts, written in the Kvaser t programming language. T programs run directly on the Kvaser USBcan Pro 5xHS make it possible to react much quicker to CAN bus events - for example, to speed up file transfer protocols such as CCP/XCP or ISO15765 by off-loading timing sensitive code to a script in USBcan Pro 5xHS, or to simulate missing hardware. The feature could also be used for implementing timing sensitive protocols, such as when a message needs to be sent at precise 5 ms intervals. Choose the Kvaser USBcan Pro 5xHS if you need a high-performance multi-channel CAN interface, and our Memorator Pro 5xHS if a high-performance multi-channel CAN interface and datalogger is required. Both devices are CAN FD capable.


Data Translation’s Vibration Measurement: 256 Channels in Parallel


The Data Translation VIBbox is a highly scalable platform for simultaneous data acquisition on up to 256 measurement channels. Vibration sensors and measurement microphones can be connected directly to the IEPE-enabled inputs. Data can be acquired continuously and gap free with up to 51.2 kS/s per channel. Numerous digital tachometer inputs, digital I/Os, counters, and analog outputs can be sampled simultaneously and in sync with the analog sensor data.
The free data logger application QuickDAQ makes measurements on multiple channels that easy: simply acquire, visualize and log to disk.




·              Up to four DT9857E modules in a rugged enclosure providing 64 IEPE analog input channels

·              Connect multiple VIBboxes for up to 256 analog input channels

·              Input sampling rate up to 105.4 kS/s per channel

·              24-bit Delta-Sigma ADC per channel…eliminates aliasing for extremely accurate measurement

·              Up to eight, 32-bit stimulus waveform output channels with output rates up to 216 kS/s per channel

·              Input range ±10V or ±1V, AC or DC coupling

·              Up to 32 digital input lines and 32 digital output lines

·              Up to four 32-bit counter/timers, 4 tachometers, and 8 measure counters

·              External power supply +7.5 VDC to +24 VDC. Mains power supply included.

·              Up to four STP25 Screw Terminal Panels and Cables included for connecting DIO, C/Ts, and external triggers

·              QuickDAQ with Advanced FFT Analysis application included

·              Signal Processing Component Library for .NET included


Data Physics comes with Shock and Vibration Environmental Recorders

The Data Physics’ SAVERs (Shock And Vibration Environmental Recorders) have been successfully leveraged in a wide variety of applications for years to measure and monitor shock and vibration environments.

Designed and manufactured by Lansmont, a partner of Data Physics in the NVT Group, these battery powered instruments are equipped with internal tri-axial accelerometers, climatic probes, and even GPS sensors. Data is processed and recorded to non-volatile flash memory and can be analyzed with the powerful, yet easy to use companion software, SaverXware. Where does your data come from? SAVER™ Field Instruments take the guess work out of characterization and analysis, by allowing you to collect the most reliable and accurate measurements right from the field.

SAVERs offer

  • Stand Alone – Battery Operated – up to 90 days of continuous measurement.
  • Sample rates up to 10K Hz
  • 16-Bit resolution
  • Stores 1,000’s of events
  • SRS and PSD Event and Summary Analyses
  • Project-based database architecture
  • Embedded GPS (9XGPS) capability with Google Earth integration


  • Characterize a product or system’s dynamic environment
  • Acquire data in the field where other analyzers can’t operate
  • Trend / troubleshoot levels over weeks or months
  • Develop testing specifications based on actual, measured environments



AIM-TTi enhances the Portable Spectrum Analyzers



The PSA Series 5 RF spectrum analyzers from Aim-TTi have been enhanced to include high resolution capture of signals over a wide span. Option U02 now includes an extra facility called Scan Mode. The frequency resolution of a conventional spectrum analyzer is defined by the chosen RBW filter. Because of the limited number of data points that can be collected and displayed, a high resolution view of a signal can only be achieved over a narrow frequency span.
For some applications it is desirable to observe and record frequencies and levels to high resolution over a wide span. This is outside of the capability of a conventional swept spectrum analyzer. However, in scan mode a narrow RBW can be set whilst retaining a wide span because all data points (up to 210,000) are written to a file.  When the scan is completed a compressed version of the data is displayed with pan and zoom controls enabling any portion of the data to be observed in detail.
Large numbers of scan files can be saved to the internal memory and exported as CSV data for use with PSA-Manager software or application specific third party software. The Aim-TTi PSA Series 5 includes the 3.6GHz PSA3605 and the 6GHz PSA6005. These analyzers are truly handheld and weigh less than 600 grams (20oz).



Guildline: introducing 6625T Temperature Measurement System


The new Guildline’s 6625T Temperature Measurement System provides demanding users around the world with the best in temperature measurements and value. Incorporating unique features, this system is a true "turn-key" Temperature Measurement System.
The 6625T System provides leading measurement specifications with uncertainties as low as 0.013 mK and the widest range of options available from any

The system is highly configurable to meet wide ranging workload requirements. The 6625T is capable of resistance measurements from 0.1 μΩ all the way to 100 kΩ (and up to 1 GΩ if Resistance Measurement Option is internally installed). Guildline’s 6625T Temperature Measurement System is the only commercially available system that covers the calibration range of thermometry fixed points as well as cryogenic and high temperature applications!
The 6622T Temperature Bridge has the range of operation range to accommodate Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRT’s, SPRT’s, HTPRT’s) as well as Thermistors and other RTD’s from 0.001Ω to 100kΩ! For example, the 6622T extends beyond the ITS-90 Temperature Range, supporting high value RTD’s such as Ruthenium Oxide which will reach a resistance of 75 kΩ in Cryogenic applications where they are typically used.

Guildline's unique design and modularity allows customers to purchase what they need today for research and to support calibration of their current work-load; and be assured of an upgrade path to support their future requirements. The system is typically delivered ready for use in a single rack. In fact, a system with a built in 5 to 10 Element Resistance Standard, Temperature Bridge and Guildline’s unique Thermometry Adaptor is only 12U in Height (approximately 21” or 53 cm).


The 6625T Temperature Measurement System, along with optional adaptors and utilities, provides NMIs, research laboratories, militaries and other customers with:

·         Standard Temperature Measurement of 0.025 mK!

·         Expanded Performance (XP) Measurement of 0.013 mK!

·         3210 Thermometry Adaptor with Pre-Heat and Automated Measurements!

·         Temperature Stabilized Resistance Standards with 5 to 10 Values!

·         Fast Measurements down to 2 Seconds with Minimal Latency!

·         Superior Noise Immunity to External Electromagnetic and Mechanical Noise!

·         On Instrument Temperature Conversion for ITS-90, IPTS-68, and IEC-751 PRTs!

·         Automated Procedures for Calibrating PRTs and SPRTs!

·         Recommended Calibration Interval of Once Every 3 Years!

·         Standard Base Resistance Measurement of 1 mΩ to 100 kΩ's!

·         On Instrument Graphics and Statistical Analysis!

·         Automation of the Traceability of Primary Standards from NMI’s or other sources!

·         Wide Ratio Range from 0.1:1 to 100:1 !

·         Simple Verification Procedures to ensure the 6625T System remains within its operating specifications!

·         Optional Internal Resistance Bridge Capability – One button push changes the system into a fully functional

·         Resistance Measurement System!

·         Optional 6623A Current Extension from 3 Amps to 10,000 Amps!



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