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You are about to read the last edition of our newsletter this year 2014, which was a busy year for us, with lots of challenges. We have organised several events, like the both courses in vibration technique in spring as in autumn and we attended the new exhibition World of Technology and Science. In addition, we did numerous demonstrations, seminars and maintenance. Also our new colleague Eddy Albada has been introduced at several events, has to be taught using different products and brands we sell and in the maintenance business. He has become an adept rather quickly. We hope next year will be busy too with consultancy, sales, training, installation and maintenance.



We hope to ‘see’ you back next year in good health and we wish you and your family

Merry Christmas and happy Season’s Holidays.


Jos Luijten,

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Dec 11, 2014
19:00 CET

Free Data Physics webinar:
Rotational Vibration Measurements for Hard Disk Drive Applications


Jan 8, 2015
19:00 CET

Free Data Physics webinar:
Fundamentals of Frequency Analysis


June 2-4, 2015

Electronics & Automation 2015

Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (NL)

November 10-13, 2015

Productronica 2015

Messe, München (DE)

Nov 17-19, 2015

Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo Europe

Messe, Bremen (DE)








ABtronix gets the sales representation of DJB




We are happy and proud to announce that we have got the sales representation of DJB Instruments.
Established in 1974, DJB Instruments (UK) Ltd are the UK’s leading manufacturer of accelerometers, dynamic pressure transducers, instrumentation and cabling. From a modern production facility based in Mildenhall, Suffolk, UK we constantly strive for efficient manufacturing, high quality and reliable product delivery.
All DJB products have an enviable reputation for quality and reliability, this is probably best appreciated through the history and number of our accelerometers still in use around the world that were sold during the early days of DJB. The range has grown to include the latest integral electronics accelerometers (IEPE) as well as Charge output devices, tri-axial and mono-axial, miniature, high temperature and our specialist water cooled ultra-high temperature accelerometers.






Using our industry leading expertise and well proven piezo-ceramic technology we offer a range of sensors for dynamic pressure measurement. Many of these applications also require high temperature capability and our ultra-high temperature microphones offer solutions up to 650°C.

All sensors require some sort of instrumentation to provide power, measure signals and in some cases do both. The DJB range of Charge/Voltage amplifiers, hybrid converters, DIN rail mounted amplifiers, filters and in line conditioners offer a solution for every application. Our hand held units offer quick measurement for use in industrial applications where permanent installations are not possible.





In 2012 our cable assembly facility was expanded to offer an increased capability to a wider range of customers including many who are users of sensors of different types other than accelerometers. With a huge stock of cable types and connectors, backed up with our experience in cable assembly we can offer cables for sensors measuring force, pressure, angles, velocity as well as many more. In addition we also offer a test and repair service for cables from any manufacturer, available with quick turnaround we offer the complete cable assembly service.










Low noise, low cost, good value vibration measurement


The DT9839 is a low cost, low noise, portable USB data acquisition module. It is especially suited to measuring vibration signals for low noise performance so that results from vibration measurements are pristine and accurate.
The DT9839 has 4 separate analog input channels for simultaneous operation, each channel having a 16-bit Delta-Sigma A/D converter, 4 mA IEPE/ICP sensor supply, simultaneous tachometer input, sampling speed up to 52.7 kHz per channel and an analog output channel. Each A/D provides inherent anti-aliasing filtering so that erroneous signals beyond the desired frequency band are eliminated.




Key features:


• 4 simultaneous 16-bit Delta-Sigma A/D channels with IEPE inputs... time correlated results

• Outstanding noise performance: SINAD 91dB, ENOB 15.3, THD 0.0018%, SFDR 100dB

• Fast sampling... up to 52.7 kHz/channel

• 4 mA current source, 15 V compliance voltage, AC or DC input coupling

• Tachometer synchronous with analog inputs

• Trigger & Pre-Trigger operation, programmable, external, threshold for analog inputs and D/A stimulus

• Stimulus: 24-bit D/A for vibration measurements

• Simultaneous analog input and waveform analog output operations

• Portable... for easy field use









Kvaser launches application-specific versions of the Leaf Light v2



Leading Controller Area Network (CAN) interface specialist, Kvaser AB, is pleased to announce application-specific versions of its highly popular Leaf Light v2 interface. In addition to a bare board version for embedded applications, Kvaser now has tailored versions of the Leaf Light v2 for automotive and commercial vehicle diagnostic applications.

The Kvaser Leaf Light v2 OBDII provides a simple way of connecting a PC with the on-board computer in any vehicle by means of its USB 2.0 connector and a 16-pin OBDII compliant CAN connector. Meanwhile, the Kvaser Leaf Light HS v2 J1939-13’s USB 2.0 connector and 9-pin J1939-13 compliant CAN connector suits commercial vehicle diagnostic applications. Kvaser Leaf Light v2 CB, a bare circuit board version of the Leaf Light v2 interface, is ideal for embedded applications.

Having made its name as the work-horse of USB to CAN interfaces, Kvaser’s Leaf Light product series provide reliable, low cost tools that connect any CAN network to a PC or mobile computer in applications as wide ranging as automotive, mining, marine, military, oil and gas exploration, military, industrial and heavy machinery.



All the Kvaser Leaf Light v2’s support high speed USB and can send up to 8000 messages per second, each time-stamped with 100 microsecond accuracy. Galvanic isolation, previously a more expensive option on Kvaser’s original Leaf Light, now comes as standard, enhancing protection from power surges or electrical shocks.

Used with Kvaser’s CANlib library, which is free to download from Kvaser’s website (, the Leaf Light v2 series provides application programmers with quick and easy access to the CAN network. The software, which can be used across Kvaser’s product portfolio, enables hardware initialization, bus on/off, setting of bus parameters and buffers, as well as read/write commands.

Support and Availability
The Kvaser Leaf Light v2 series is available now with free software, free software updates and free support.










Transmille introduces new products:


Transmille is pleased to announce a number of updates to their product range, with the addition of new products as well as the launch of their new website. The new Transmille website will make it much easier for you to access application notes and resources for the products.

- 4000 Series Advanced MultiProduct Calibrator



Signalling the latest addition to the range of calibrators, the 4000 Series Advanced Multiproduct calibrator adds advanced functionality through a new touch enabled interface.A large, high resolution 7" touchscreen enables direct access to key parameters, and an integrated procedure mode enables calibration to be automated without requiring a computer.
New to the 4000 Series is an advanced oscilloscope option with variable level bandwidth output of up to 6 GHz, enabling calibration of high bandwidth oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers.
Expanding the outputs offered by the 3000A series, the 4000 series provides an advanced oscilloscope calibration option with bandwidth calibration of up to 6 GHz with variable level. This expands the calibration workload to include spectrum analysers and high bandwidth oscilloscopes.






- 8600 Frequency Source / Measurement GPS Standard



The 8600 Frequency Source / Measure GPS Standard has been designed to be able to calibrate all functions of modern handheld and bench frequency counters and signal sources. A high accuracy precision GPS reference frequency of up to 1 GHz is available, with outputs for A-B phase and variable levels for confirming trigger levels of modern counter-timer units.
In addition, unlike other GPS references, the 8600 also adds the ability to measure frequencies of up to 1 GHz with high precision, removing the requirement for an additional instrument in your laboratory.
Utilising the latest in GPS reference technology, the 8600 combines both frequency source and measurement into a single integrated solution. Dual VFD displays provide the user with a dedicated source/measure readout, with direct access to detailed settings and satellite Lock/signal information.






- 3000HR Precision Reference and Standard



The 3000HR provides a traceable source for high voltage resistance, consisting of a build-up box of 1 GOhm and 10 GOhm resistors, allowing a build-up to 100 GOhm. High value resistance standards are required by many laboratories for calibration of modern multimeters with extended resistance ranges, however are costly and difficult to maintain confidence.
With the 3000HR, with comparison to a 1 GOhm standard values of up to 100 GOhm can be generated. To assist with automating the calibration of sensitive electrometers, a RS232 interface is provided to switch decade values from 1 MOhm through to 100 GOhm, suitable for resistance calibration and low current sourcing.








ABtronix on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn



You may have noticed it, but ABtronix has created earlier accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.





Follow us on one or more of these media for the latest updates, invitations to seminars, courses, introductions of new professional test and measurement equipment, etc.





Aim/TTi recently introduced two new products:



- LD400 Series Electronic DC Load



The LD400 is an inexpensive electronic load which is suitable for testing and characterising a wide variety of dc power sources. It can be used to investigate the behaviour of many different types of power source such as batteries and solar cells, as well as electronic power supply units. Its wide voltage/current range, multiple operating modes and built-in transient generator give it the versatility to offer test solutions from the design laboratory through to the component test area. The LD400P adds full bus remote control via USB, RS-232, GPIB and LAN (Ethernet) interfaces.
The LD400 can operate at voltages below 500mV for currents up to 10 amps. At higher currents the fixed minimum resistance (typically better than 25mW) gradually raises the minimum operating voltage, but it remains below 1 volt up to 40 amps and below 2 volts up to 80 amps. This low operating voltage allows it to be used for many low voltage applications for which other electronic loads are unsuitable.





- Versatile solution for testing dc power sources
- Constant current, resistance, conductance, voltage and power modes
- Wide voltage and current range, 0 to 80V and 0 to 80A
- 400 watts continuous dissipation at 28oC (360W at 40oC)
- 600 watts short-term dissipation (up to 60 seconds)
- Low minimum operating voltage of <1V at 40A
- High resolution and accuracy for level setting
- Built-in transient generator with variable slew
- Current monitor output for waveform viewing
- Variable drop-out voltage for battery testing
- High resolution backlit graphic LCD with soft key control
Analog remote control of levels and TTL control of on/off and transient switching
Front and rear input terminals (front terminals 30A max.)
Full bus control via USB, RS232, GPIB and LXI compliant LAN interfaces (LD400P)






- MX100T and MX100TP



The MX Series represents a new generation of multiple output laboratory power supplies from Aim-TTi.
Offering high power within a compact format they use ranged switched mixed-mode regulation with display and control via a large backlit graphic LCD with soft keys. The first models in the MX Series, the 315 watt MX100T and MX100TP are available now. The MX100T differs from most other triple output power supplies in having three outputs of equal power, each with the ability to provide 35V at 3A. Each output features simultaneous high resolution metering, switchable remote sense, and an individual output switch. To provide its impressive power density the MX series combines high frequency switch-mode pre-regulation with linear post-regulation to offer performance that comes close to that of an all-linear design. Excellent line and load regulation is matched by low noise and good transient response. To increase its ability to match a variety of applications, each output has more than one range. Outputs one and two can provide 16V/6A as an alternative to 35V/3A, while output three can provide 70V/1.5A. When higher power is required, outputs two and three can be combined internally to provide up to 210 watts as either 35V/6A or 70V/3A from a single output.
The three outputs of the MX100T are completely independent and isolated. However it is possible to set the power supply up so that the voltage on an output automatically tracks the voltage on another output. Because the outputs are isolated, tracking can be used to set equal voltage of the same polarity or opposite polarities. It can be useful when outputs have been wired in parallel or series where control is possible by adjusting a single output voltage.




- Three high performance outputs of 105 watts each3 x (0 to 35V at 0 to 3A)
- Total power of 315 watts in a compact package
- Range switching gives up to 70 volts and up to 6 amps
- Twelve range combinations for maximum flexibility
- Up to 210 watts from a single output
- Low output noise and ripple via linear final regulation
- High setting resolution down to 1mV and 0.1mA
- Variable OVP and OCP trips on all outputs
- 50 setting memories per output plus 50 linked memories
- Selectable isolated voltage tracking)
- Selectable current meter averaging
- Switchable remote sense on all outputs
- Graphic LCD provides simultaneous output metering
- Numeric or spin-wheel control of all parameters
- Individual or combined output on/off control with programmable delay sequencing
- 3U half-rack case for bench or rack mounting
- GPIB, RS-232, USB and LAN (LXI) interfaces (MX100TP)
- Duplicate power & sense terminals at rear (MX100TP)










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