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Just a few days to go and the daylight duration will shorten again. It also means summer is ahead of us and we are half way this year. We hope you have had a good first half year, both personally as economically and have also a good second half. But let’s enjoy the summer first. Apart from the usual agenda, introductions of new devices, emphasising two existing items, a new representation and an item about the upcoming trade fair World of Technology and Science (WoTS) are described this time in the fourth edition of our newsletter this year.

Enjoy reading and your summer holidays.


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June 24-26, 2014

'Automotive Testing Expo 2014
The following suppliers of ours are present:
- CSM (booth 1728): CAN based DAQ and loggers
- Data Physics (booth 1754): shakers, controllers & analysers
- Stiegele (booth 1157): DAQ software

Stuttgart (DE)

July 7, 2014

Veranstaltung (kostenfrei):
'Messtechnik in Bewegung'
Besuchen Sie die "Messtechnik in Bewegung" im romantischen Rothenburg ob der Tauber und "erfahren" Sie selbst die Applikationen in realen Testfahrten. Diskutieren Sie in angenehmer Atmosphäre Ihre Messaufgaben mit Anbietern, Entwicklern und Fachkollegen.

Fluplatz, Rothenburg o/d Tauber (DE)

July 16, 2014
19:00 CET

Free Data Physics webinar:
'Practical consideration of MIMO Modal Testing'


September 15-17, 2014

26th edition of the international
ISMA Noise and Vibration Engineering Conference - ISMA2014

in conjunction with the 5th edition of the international Conference on

Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics - USD2014

Division PMA, KU Leuven (BE)

Sep 30 to Oct 3, 2014

ABtronix on the trade fair:
'World of Technology & Science
for a free entrance card, click here

Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (NL)

Nov 11-14, 2014

Trade fair:
Electronica 2014
The following suppliers of ours are present in hall A1:
- Aim-TTi (booth 425): power supplies, generators, DMM's
- Data Physics (booth 441): shakers, controllers & analysers
- PMK (booth 575/A): test probes
- Transmille (booth 543): calibration solutions
- Wayne Kerr (booth 658): LCR bridges and analyser

Messe, München (DE)

Nov 25-27, 2014

'SPS IPC Drive 2014'
The following suppliers of ours are present:
- CSM: CAN based DAQ and loggers

Exhibition Centre, Nürnberg (DE)








An electronic load of Aim-TTi for 300 Watt continuous dissipation



The LD300 is an inexpensive electronic load which is suitable for testing and characterising a wide variety of dc power sources.

It can be used to investigate the behaviour of many different types of power source such as batteries, solar cells, fuel cells or wind generators, as well as electronic power supply units. Its wide voltage/current range, multiple operating modes and built-in transient generator give it the versatility to offer test solutions from the design laboratory through to the component test area.

The LD300 can operate at voltages below 500mV for currents up to 10 amps. At higher currents the fixed internal resistance of 25mΩgradually raises the minimum operating voltage, but it remains below 1 volt up to 40 amps and below 2 volts up to 80 amps. This low operating voltage allows it to be used for many low voltage applications for which other electronic loads are unsuitable.





·        Versatile solution for testing dc power sources

·        Constant current, resistance, conductance, voltage and power modes

·        Wide voltage and current range, 0 to 80 volts and 0 to 80 amps.

·        300 watts continuous dissipation at 40 °C

·        Low minimum operating voltage of <1V at 40A

·        Ten turn controls for level setting

·        Built-in transient generator with variable slew

·        Current monitor output for waveform viewing

·        Variable drop-out voltage for battery testing

·        Analogue remote control capability






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More accurate vibration measurements with Data Translation’s DT9847



The portable DT9837 series USB-based measurement devices have up to 105 kHz sampling rates. They are setting the standard for many Sound and Vibration Analysis applications. But there is an even more precise and more powerful solution:
The DT9847 with up to three 24-bit analog inputs for direct connection of IEPE accelerometer sensors and microphones offers a 216 kHz sampling rate with a wider dynamic range. The analog outputs generate ultra-precise waveforms with 32-bit resolution, 216 kHz output rates and ultra-low harmonic distortion and noise.








·        24-bit A/D converter per channel

·        Up to 216 kSamples/s per channel

·        Input range of ±10 V and ±1 V software selectable

·        Support for IEPE (Integrated Electronic Piezoelectric) inputs

·        32-bit D/A per channel with sampling rate up to 216 ksamples/s/ch and output range of ±10 V and ±3 V

·        Different channel configurations with portable, USB-powered models available

·        Simultaneous analog input and analog output operations (continuous or waveform mode)

·        4 digital input lines, 4 digital output lines

·        Supports a start trigger for acquiring pre-trigger samples and a reference trigger for acquiring post-trigger samples

·        Sync Bus (RJ45) connector for synchronizing acquisition on up to four DT9847 series modules

·        Included drivers and software

·        Supported by VIBpoint Framework (available as 14-day trial version) and QuickDAQ




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Double your CAN capabilities with the USBcan Light 2xHS of Kvaser



New to Kvaser’s interface portfolio is the Kvaser USBcan Light 2xHS, a USB to dual channel Controller Area Network (CAN) interface. With a USB 2.0 compliant connector at one end and two 9-pin D-SUB connectors at the other, USBcan Light 2xHS is a compact, reliable and cost-effective means of connecting two high speed CAN busses to a PC or mobile computer in applications as wide ranging as automotive, mining, marine, military, oil and gas exploration, military, industrial and heavy machinery.
A fraction larger than the one-channel Leaf Light v2, the Kvaser USBcan Light 2xHS features the sleek, ergonomically designed housing that Kvaser products are renowned for and comes with galvanic isolation as standard.
Kvaser USBcan Light 2xHS is supplied with
CANlib, the software API that is common to all Kvaser hardware. Taking just 30 seconds to programme once you have Canlib downloaded on the host computer, USBcan Light 2xHS is simple to install and configure.




Major features of the USBcan Light 2xHS

·        One USB 2.0 compliant device provides easy access to two CAN busses.

·        Quick and easy plug-and-play installation.

·        Supports both 11-bit (CAN 2.0A) and 29-bit (CAN 2.0B active) identifiers.

·        100% compatible with applications written for other Kvaser CAN hardware with Kvaser CANlib.

·        High-speed CAN connection (compliant with ISO 11898-2), up to 1 Mbit/s.

·        Fully compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000R and DeviceNet.



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ABtronix gets the representation of Warwick Control Technologies



Warwick Control Technologies is a world leader in Controller Area Network (CAN) and related technology, originally launched from the University of Warwick in 1999 and are fully independent now.

It specialises in CAN, DeviceNet, CANopen, J1939, LIN and FlexRay network technologies. We can also help you on the new fast CAN protocol (CAN-FD)


Our flagship product, the X-Analyser is a powerful, low cost Windows based tool that uses Kvaser or Softing or Vector interfaces to test your CAN/CANopen/J1939/DeviceNet and LIN bus systems.
The X-Analyser is a software tool, used in conjunction with CAN and/or LIN interface hardware, for analysing CAN and LIN based systems . X-Analyser can be used to display and data log network traffic in a variety of ways. It can also be used to generate data and simulate simple CAN or LIN devices. It is designed to work on a PC platform, running under Windows 7, Windows 8 or Vista.





Why use X-Analyser?
Other network analysis software tools available are more difficult to use and often contain obscure menu structures. However, the design philosophy for the X-Analyser has been to make it as easy as possible to use, and to provide the main features in a single window, making it simpler to use within restricted environments such as within a vehicle. The X-Analyser also supports the extensive hotkeys for the same reasons.
The result is the easiest to use, most intuitive to use network analysis tool on the market. Therefore it is ideal for CAN and LIN beginners, but also has very powerful features ideal for CAN and LIN experts.






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PMK introduces the BumbleBee® Differential-HV Probe



BumbleBee® is a 400 MHz, 1 kV CAT III high-voltage, differential probe, that can be used with any oscilloscope or device providing 50 Ω termination. The probe is very effective in power device evaluation such as measurements in IGBT circuits used in design of motor drives, switching power supplies and frequency converters.



BumbleBee® is also very effective in fast transient measurements with bandwidths up to 400 MHz. It provides a 4-mode-attenuation which allows higher resolution measurements. The probe provides overload indicators for each channel as well as the differential output. They make it easy to observe, if the probe is working in the specified range.

The probe also provides an active offset correction in a range of ±3 V, related to the output voltage, with a resolution of 15 Bit. Utilizing lowest ppm components available, the probe offers exceptional stability. Especially long term measurements profit from such low drifts at varying temperatures. Another feature is the probe channel identifier, providing a channel indicator LED.




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Trade Fair World of Technology and Science: One venue of technology, one visitor badge




From Tuesday September 30 to Friday October 3, 2014 the largest meeting place for Technology, Science and Industry in the Benelux will take place in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht (NL). Both the four worlds Automation, Laboratory, Motion & Drives and Electronics as Macropak, Industrial Processing and Industrial European Dairy Show are gathered together under one roof.
The seven trade fairs jointly represent about 900 exhibitors and is called World of Technology and Science. As a visitor to the fairs you can meet all these companies with a single access badge in all halls. When visiting the exhibition, you exchange your registration certificate at the entrance of the trade fair for your entrance badge. With this badge you have access to the exhibition halls and you can visit all the companies of the seven technology fairs. The fairs are no longer divided in several places in different weeks. The participants of World of Technology& Science are in halls 7 to 11. Simultaneously the exhibitors of Macropak, Industrial Processing and Industrial European Dairy Show are standing in the halls 1 to 4. The venue for technology joins forces in one week and in one place. This makes your fair visit efficiently and effectively.

ABtronix will be present at the PLOT pavilion on the Electronics Fair (hall 9, booth 9A008). Apart from this trade fair, there are a lot of other things to experience, like gathering the free fair gadget ‘Virtual Memo’, conferences, life manufacturing, and a lot more.








Click here to sign up for a free fair visit.






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