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You are about to read the second ABtronix newsletter this year.

Items can be found with information about our courses and seminars and an introduction of a new Guildline power analyser.

In addition, there are hopefully interesting items about locating the right signals in a noisy haystack, wireless measuring and logging and the 3260B impedance analyser of Wayne Kerr.


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March 18, 2014

Trade show: 'Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition'.

Data Physics (UK) Ltd. will exhibit at this event which showcases innovations in measurement analysis and testing technology in aerospace, automotive, motor-sport, rail, off-highway, mechanical handling, industrial and power generation industries.

Silverstone Race Track (UK)

March 18-19, 2014

Two days course 'Introduction to Vibration'

Breda (NL)

March 18, 2014

Free Data Physics webinar ‘Seismic Qualification Testing’


March 20, 2014

Course  ‘Fixtures, Software and Specifications’

Breda (NL)

March 25-26, 2014

Exhibition 'MessTec & Sensor Masters 2014'

SI-Centrum, Stuttgart (DE)

March 27, 2014

Free Data Physics webinar ‘Satellite and Launch Vehicle Vibration Qualification Testing’


April 1-4, 2014

European Conference Spacecraft Structures, Materials & Environmental Testing

Steigenberger Parkhotel, Braunschweig (DE)

April 30, 2014

Free Data Physics webinar ‘The Need for Vibration Testing’


June 3-5, 2014

Exhibition 'Sensor + Test 2014'

Nürnberg (DE)

June 24-26, 2014

Exhibition: 'Automotive Testing Expo 2014'

Stuttgart (DE)

September 15-17, 2014

26th edition of the international ISMA Noise and Vibration Engineering Conference - ISMA2014 in conjunction with the 5th edition of the international Conference on Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics - USD2014

Division PMA, KU Leuven (BE)

Sep 30 to Oct 3, 2014

Trade Fair 'World of Technology & Science'

 ---- For free entrance cards, click here.----

Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (NL)

Nov 25-27, 2014

Exhibition 'SPS IPC Drive 2014'

Exhibition Centre, Nürnberg (DE)





Courses ‘Introduction to Vibration’ and ‘Fixtures, Software and Specifications’



On March 18-19, 2014 we will organise the famous two-days course ‘Introduction to Vibration’ and it will take place in Breda (NL). This course aims to give more insight knowledge to the attendees in:
- testing with a shaker system
- dealing with several kind of tests
- reading the theoretical test and the implementation of the test
- designing a fixture

Here you can find the contents of this course.

A second course ‘Fixtures, Software and Specifications’ will be organised on March 20, 2014, for those who are interested in aspects of vibration technology which lays beyond the introduction course. This day is intended to be a interactive course, where you can discuss problems related to vibration technology with the host(s) and your co-participants. You can even bring your own fixture(s), if you have questions about it and want to discuss it.



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If you or one or more of your colleagues are interested in one or both courses, please inform us by clicking on the Mail button below.



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Upcoming free Data Physics webinars:



‘Seismic Qualification Testing’
on Tuesday March 18 at 19:00 CET



Kalyan Vitta, Senior Applications Engineer, will cover the topic.


In the event of an earthquake, it is paramount and important for telecommunications equipment to function reliably.

Network infrastructure in data centers, such as cable distribution systems, power equipment, fiber optics and the enclosures they are housed in, is required to function normally during and after an earthquake. There have been several test specifications developed for seismic testing.


In this session, we will cover the following:

• Different Seismic Qualification Standards

• NEBS Bellcore Testing & Seismic Zones

• Shock and Required Response Spectrum



You can register





‘Satellite and Launch Vehicle Vibration Qualification Testing’

on Thursday March 27 at 19:00 CET



Thomas Reilly, Director of Product Management, SignalCalc and SignalStar products, will give the presentation.


Launch vehicles and satellites are subject to extremely high vibration levels at launch. Failure of critical components can be very costly. For this reason, these systems are subjected to extensive product qualification tests to ensure survivability during launch, deployment and long term operation.


Topics include:

• Swept sine testing of satellites and launch vehicles

• Acceleration and force limiting

• Simultaneous recording and analysis of swept sine data using vibration controllers and signal analyzers



You can register





‘The Need for Vibration Testing’
on Wednesday April 30 at 19:00 CET



Sai Mullapudi, Applications Engineer, will cover a new web seminar topic.


The web seminar will likely include:

• The need for vibration testing: engineering reasons, regulations, and cost benefits calibration arrays

• The basics of electrodynamic shaker mechanics

• SignalForce shaker models from Data Physics



You can register





Guildline introduces the 7220 three-phase power analyser



Guildline introduces a complete new technique for measuring quasi-stationary AC power signals precisely, using asynchronous techniques and basing both measurements and frequency determination at a non-zero crossing level.



Various sinusoidal and quasi-stationary wave forms will be analyzed to show how this technique provides better accuracy with lower uncertainties compared to conventional synchronous techniques. Increasing energy costs and greater focus on efficiency has created a demand, often government mandated, for more accurate power measurements. Additionally, as green energy sources such as wind and solar generation are being added to electric grids, power signals are becoming noisier and less stationary. These trends are creating a requirement for more precise power measurement techniques for both stationary and quasi-stationary signals. To further complicate matters, there is no recognized international standard for the power measurement of quasi-stationary signals.



If you are interested in the whole ‘whitepaper’ or in the specifications of the 7220 Power Analyzer, you may click the button for more information.



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Data Translation:
Locating Spurious Signals is Like Finding a Needle in a Haystack of Noise.




Finding vibration problems in machinery can be difficult. Very small signals, normally undetectable, can cause unacceptable levels of chatter and wear. Using QuickDAQ 2013 and DT9837 series USB measurement devices, the problem can be observed and fixed in minutes with Vector Averaging methods.
QuickDAQ allows you to acquire and display from all Data Translation USB and Ethernet devices that support analog input streaming. Combine QuickDAQ with Data Translation hardware to acquire data, record data to disk, display the results in both a plot and digital display, and read a recorded data file. Be productive right out of the box with this powerful data logging software. Data can be imported to other applications like Microsoft Excel® and The Mathworks MATLAB® for more advanced analysis. Two additional options can be purchased to add FFT analysis capabilities to the base package.



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Drivetrain Innovations Applied Mechatronics changed their name in Freesense Solutions



Recently Drivetrain Innovations AM have changed their name into Freesense Solutions.
Freesense Solutions conceives, develop, implement and sell wireless sensing technologies, solutions and applications. Recording and streaming of virtually any set of parameters at high rate and accuracy can be done.
The micro Wireless Measurements System (µWMS) is based on multiple synchronous data logger modules. µWMS is the second generation data loggers developed by DTI Applied Mechatronics (DTI-AM). The experience and insight gained by DTI-AM from the earlier generation led to the development of the ground breaking third generation: µWMS.

Our application areas are:

§  Wearable motion sensors: elderly care, revalidation, sports & serious gaming

§  Living Environment: Wireless & Autonomous air quality and noise sensor networks

§  Lighting Controls: Wireless (& Autonomous) LED control solutions

§  General and Specials: Industrial, agricultural, mobility, (new) energy and lab sensing solutions.


The micro Wireless Measurement System (uWMS) is ultra-compact, waterproof, wearable and easy to use. The mission is to generate a leap in the quality of life through cost-effective, personal and smart sensing solutions and applications. The vision is to do this by sales of smart sensor kits, co-sales of app's using these kits as well as commercial exploitation of data-clouds filled through these kits.








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Precision Magnetics Analyser 3260B of Wayne Kerr



At the design stage of component development it is vitally important to understand how the component performs under different operating conditions. This might include operation at diverse frequencies, AC drive levels or DC bias currents. The 3260B Precision Magnetics Analyser can plot any of the measurement functions, such as inductance (L) or impedance (Z), (including secondary term) against frequency, AC drive level or DC bias current. Frequency sweeps within the range 20 Hz to 3 MHz can be selected. There is a choice of either linear or logarithmic frequency displays. 3260B is especially suitable for measuring parameters on telecom transformers.







§  Wide frequency range of 20 Hz to 3 MHz

§  Fast measurement speed - up to 20 measurements per second

§  0.1% basic accuracy

§  Up to 125 A of DC bias current

§  Telecom measurement functions

§  Analysis mode with graphical displays

§  Comprehensive measurement functions including leakage tests

§  Straightforward intuitive operation

§  Print test results

§  GPIB control with LabVIEW™ driver





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