SignalForce – Water Cooled Shakers

Data Physics’ range of water cooled shakers are used for many different applications, such as testing automotive sub-assemblies, military and defense components, large electronic components, and even fully assembled satellites. By utilizing the dual hydrostatic bearings that are incorporated in the shaker design, payloads with high overturning moments can be tested without the need for external guidance systems. The water cooled shakers may also be supplied with horizontal slip table systems for 3 axis testing.

Shakers from 18000 lbf (80kN) to 50000 lbf (222 kN)
7 configurations
All Models are water cooled. Large force systems include chillers.
Dual Hydrostatic Bearings
Good axial and torsional stability
Special suspension options
Automatic Load Support and armature centering
Payload Support up to 3000 lbs (1365 kg)

Water cooled shakers cover the force range 18000 lbf (80 kN) to 50000 lbf (222 kN). These shakers all produce 3″ (76.2 mm) displacement all are water-cooled. All models may be supplied on high quality pneumatic mounts, for vertical vibration isolation, in trunnions for horizontal and vertical operation, or in monobases for three axis testing using a slip plate. PDF data sheets may be obtained by clicking on the required model. All water cooled shakers have axial guidance using dual hydrostatic bearings and pneumatic load support they may also be supplied with automatic load support systems to ensure the armature remains in its central position when payload is added or removed. By using hydrostatic bearings, the SignalForce water cooled shakers are able to handle large overturning moments without requiring external guidance in the head expander.
Larger payloads may be supported through the use of load bearing platforms and head expanders.

Water Cooled Shakers
Water cooled shakers are typically used for larger payloads and more demanding structural testing applications. By utilizing dual hydrostatic bearings, payloads with high overturning moments can be tested without the need for external guidance systems. Water cooled shaker systems generate comparably lower acoustic noise output and lower demand on facility HVAC systems.

Water cooled shaker bodies are completely sealed, making them ideal for both clean room and hazardous environments.
• Force outputs from 18,000 lbf (80 kN) to 50,000 lbf (222 kN)
• Static payload support up to 3,000 lbs. (1,365 kg)
• Up to 3 inches (76.2 mm) of peak-peak displacement
• Dual hydrostatic bearings for excellent axial guidance and moment restraint
• Automatic load support and armature centering
• Rigid trunnion mounting or Lin-E-Air suspension mounting options